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Anthropometry for Field Hockey

There are many components of fitness that are important for success for hockey players. One of these would be body size and composition - anthropometry.

The athleticism in international hockey players has improved greatly over the past 10 – 20 years following the increase in physiological demands of the game and improvements in training (Lythe and Kilding, 2011). The higher levels of athleticism have implications for physique requirements for successful players. However, data that has been published show a large diversity in the physique of athletes who play field hockey (Podgorski and Pawlak, 2011).

Morphoanthropometric analysis of athletes differs according to playing position (Calo et al. 2009, Scott, 1991). Male players appear to be ecto-mesomorphic in comparison with females' more endo-mesomorphic physique (Scott 1991), with goalkeepers and backs (defensive players) having the highest endomorphic ratings (Reilly & Borrie 1992). A negative correlation has been seen between ectomorphy and sustained hockey skill accuracy, showing a disadvantage to a linear physique (Reilly and Bretherton 1986). (see about measuring somatotype)

feet of hockey players body size and shape is important for field hockey

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