AFL Grand Final Venues

The AFL has not always been held at the MCG, as you can see below, for various reasons. For example, during WWII, the MCG was being used to house soldiers so was not available for football matches.

Year Grand Final Venue
1897 the first year of the VFL competition, and there wasn't even a grand final
1898, 1899 the grand final was held at the Junction Oval
1900 East Melbourne Cricket Ground
1901 Lake Oval, Albert Park
1902 to 1923 MCG
1924 there was no grand final (there was a round robin final series)
1925 to 1941 MCG
1942, 1943 Princes Park
1944 Junction Oval
1945 Princes Park
1946 to 1990 MCG
1991 Waverley Park
1992 to the present MCG

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