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Survival For The Active Family

Survival for the Active Family is the fourth official cookbook from the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS). This cookbook, like the others in the series, was developed by the sports dietitians at the AIS, with help from the athletes themselves. The book is aimed at busy parents who need to take care of the differing nutrition needs of their active families. It is full of recipes and tips to help you make fuss-free, healthy meals for your family. Some of the AIS past and present athletes share their stories of food and family, and the Institute's activity experts share tips on incorporating activity into your family's life.survival cookbook

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About the Survival Cookbooks

This great series of books is produced by the Australian Institute of Sport with the help of AIS athletes. They were developed by the team of sport dietitians at the AIS, evolving out of the cooking classes which the Institute has been running with its athletes for many years. It is aimed at athletes and anyone interested in maintaining a healthy diet in a busy lifestyle. Recipes are accompanied by a nutritional analysis, easy cooking hints and a selection of tips from the athletes themselves. The other books in the survival series: Survival for the Fittest, Survival from the fittest and Survival around the world.


Each book contains the following information about each recipe:

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