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Dietitian: Clare Wood

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Clare Wood is one of Australia's leading sports dietitians. She is an Australian Sports Dietitian, and Accredited Practicing Dietitian. She has worked in sports nutrition all around Australia, from running her own practice in Darwin, working with Australia’s elite athletes at the Australian Institute of Sport in Canberra, and down in the sporting capital of Melbourne with Richmond Football Club.

She has now returned west to her home town of Perth, and has had a stint working with the athletes at the Western Australian Institute of Sport and at the WACA with the West Australian cricketers.

Clare has a wide range of experiences with athletes of all levels and in different sporting environments. She has worked with elite athletes from all footy codes, winter sports, basketball, and tennis, but also with people from all walks of life and active backgrounds, including children and corporate staff.

She personally loves being active and has participated in a variety of sports, including hockey, touch footy, and middle distance running. She is really passionate about keeping an active lifestyle, and believes that sports nutrition can really make a difference at every level. We only have one body for life so we should look after it!

Clare has been writing articles for Topend Sports for many years, and now manages all of the nutrition content on this website.

Do you want some help with your diet? You may also want to visit her Sports Dietitian website, read her Travel Food blog and check out athlete recipes on the Athletes Cookbook.

Check out the research publications by Clare.

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