Using Diet to Slow Down the Aging Process

by Clare Wood

The Christmas and New Year period is characterised by lots of indulgent eating, alcohol consumption and late nights. However, January 1 signals the start of another year of our lives, and aging does not have to be a foregone conclusion.

It is possible to slow down the aging process through a combination of a healthy, active lifestyle with nutritious food choices. Sure you may not be able to stop getting older every year, but you can slow down the aging process. In other words, you cannot change your chronological age, but you can change your biological age. Biological age is very much dependent on the individual and their lifestyle.

Overall, our mental state, our physical fitness and our nutritional status provide us with the pathways to healthy aging. In fact, there is increasing evidence that the aging process can be minimized, and survival can be extended through some simple strategies.

Everyone is aware of the need to be physically fit, but what about nutritional fitness. Being nutritionally fit is one of the strategies to keeping young. Food plays an important part of preventing disease and death. The quality of the food we eat will have a major impact on the overall nutritional quality of our diets, and as a result our health. So if you watch what you eat, you may live longer.

old men eatingtakeaway food and aging

For example, food variety is very important, and it is believed that people who eat more than 20 different foods a week tend to be healthier. A large food variety increases the chance of getting all the essential nutrients and in the right balance. With these essential nutrients being necessary for good health.

Also, small frequent meals can be beneficial for your health, by helping to decrease body fatness, allow for more variety, and ensuring better eating habits. Simply losing excess weight can also help to slow the aging process.

A qualified dietitian will help you understand food and the way it works to make you nutritionally fit. A personalised realistic plan can be set to effectively lower your weight and make you healthier.


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