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Katapultâ„¢ Training Shoe

The makers of the Katapult Training System (they call it a 'system' as with the purchase of the shoe you also get a 52-week in-season off-season training program and DVD, a laminated card to take to your workout and a stretching strap) claim that these shoes give you the most advanced plyometric workout.


The makers of the Katapult Training Shoes claim that it will increase your vertical jump five to ten inches, lower speed in the 40-yard dash by two tenths of a second, and improve lower leg strength and flexibility.


Does it work?

If you wore any old shoe, taking the time and following the year long training program provided, you are just about guaranteed to increase your vertical jump, speed, lower leg strength and flexibility. Strength shoes have been around for while, and used by many athletes in jumping and power sports such as basketball and football. By elevating the ankle, they give the calf a really good workout. If used with an appropriate training program, they will help to develop your jumping power, but the questions is whether they are worth it. With the extra training information that comes with the shoe, it may be seen as worthwhile. See this review of strength shoes.


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