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Fitbit Wireless Activity Tracker

*** this article is able an early version of the fitbit. The fitbit products that are available have even more features ***

The fitbit is a hyped up pedometer. It is primarily a step counter, but a couple of extra features makes it a worthwhile consideration for those wishing to get fit and track their activities. The latest Fitbit includes a pressure altimeter in addition to an accelerometer, so it can determine elevation and determine when you're climbing stairs or going uphill as well as the number of steps taken.

Features of the Fitbit

The in-built accelerometer (3D motion sensor) can determine movement in all directions (like the Wii console) and can accurately determine stepping and other activities. With the addition of the altimeter in the Fitbit Ultra, it is able to track the number of floors (or equivalent) climbed. The unit also includes a stopwatch to time and annotate your workouts.

The sleep quality feature using the included wrist band monitors your movements overnight and tracks how long and how well you sleep. There is good data recording and analysis available on the Fitbit website. Your data from the monitor is wirelessly sent your your computer and uploaded onto the site. You can use metric or imperial distance units, but energy calculations are currently in calories only.

there's a rgeat app to use with you fitbit there's a great app to use with you fitbit

Should I Buy a Fitbit?

At around $100 it is much more than a basic pedometer, but if you are after the extra features and are into your fitness technology, then this may be a worthwhile purchase. There are other devices out there to consider that can monitor more parameters (such as heart rate), and smart phones which can accurately track your movements using GPS (which is not always great indoors).


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