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Activity Trackers

Wearable health data loggers are rapidly gaining in popularity and the trend is expected to continue in the future. Smart watches and wristbands are currently popular, but smart garments and loggers you can ingest or inject are not far away.

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Popular Health Loggers


The Fitbit is the most popular fitness tracker in the world. It tracks location, continuous heart rate, duration and quality of time in bed, calories burned, steps taken and flights of stairs climbed. More about the fitbit.

Apple Watch

The apple watch has a heart rate sensor and accelerometer, and graphs such things as the time spent standing and calories burned. It has a workout app which provides information about other activities such as running.

Jawbone UP

The latest fully featured UP device includes an activity tracker which counts your steps, exercise and overall calories burned throughout the day. The sleep tracker component uses advanced sensors to track your true sleep stages - REM, Light, and Deep, and your heart function is monitored with bioimpedance sensors which are able to automatically and continuously track your resting heart rate. Not only that, the UP connects to most of the apps and devices you may already be using to help make sense of the data you are recording.

Future Innovations

The parameters that can be measured and tracked are almost limitless. The body function loggers that are in development include trackers of blood sugar measures, blood oxygen levels and body temperature. Trackers are not limited to what you can wear, there are lots of potential uses for digestible trackers that can take measurements from the inside of the body.

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