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Fitness Apps That Pay Crypto for Exercising

Many of us know the importance of keeping fit, but, unfortunately, that knowledge has nothing to help us stay consistent in our fitness journey. Perhaps if there were fitness apps that'd reward us with incentives, say crypto coins, for exercising, many of us would jump at the idea.

There are indeed fitness apps that reward users with cryptocurrency; the more you exercise, the more you earn. With these coins, you can buy Dogecoin with paybis or anything that catches your fancy. The challenge for many fitness enthusiasts is knowing that these apps exist and knowing where to find them and how to use them.

Here, we have decided to provide crypto and fitness enthusiasts with a rundown of some of the best crypto apps that exercise reward you. You can decide to use any or all of these fitness apps and earn yourself currencies that can be traded in the market.

1. ActFit

This fitness app works with a Proof of Activity concept with which it rewards users that exercise daily. The program tracks daily activities on the app, data proofs are supplied and automatically evaluated, and users are rewarded accordingly. Rewards are earned based on daily activity counts and engagements, among other things. The minimum count one has to get to earn a reward is 5000, and the maximum is 10,000.

Actfit has its crypto coins that can be traded on Actfit market and used to purchase other things. Actifit utility tokens are called AFIT and can be used to sign up for fitness consultations, buy Actfit-based booster gadgets to earn more rewards, or purchase e-books. AFIT tokens can be purchased just like you can buy Dogecoin or any other virtual currency in the cryptocurrency market.

2. FitCoin

With FitCoin, you are burning calories on one end and earning crypto coins on another. Fitcoin uses fitness trackers like Fitbit and Garmin to monitor activities on the application. These fitness trackers evaluate heart rate and length of activity, and they send the data to the app. The app then measures how much energy is being used up; the more energy you use, the more FitCoin tokens you earn.

FitCoin also lets you convert your Fitcoin tokens to Bitcoin. That way, instead of storing the coins earned in your wallet, you can convert to another currency with a better growth prospect. Another way one can earn on FitCoin is by purchasing items from the app's marketplace,

get paid to exercise get paid to exercise

3. LifeCoin

LifeCoin rewards ONLY outdoor activities with life coins among the many fitness apps available. Outdoor activities such as walking, running, jogging, hiking, and any outside physical activity that exerts energy are rewarded. LifeCoin works by tracking your step count and converting it into digital coins that can then be exchanged for many things. In addition, LifeCoins can be exchanged for gift cards, discount codes, sporting goods, and lots more.

If you walk long distances a day, you can take great advantage of this fitness app; earn some crypto coins on the side.

4. SweatCoin

SweatCoin rewards users with SweatCoins for walking outside; it tracks how many steps users take in a day and converts to SweatCoin. To use SweatCoin, you have to sign up and connect your health and fitness data and your GPS location to the app. Crypto coins earned here can be traded for books, fitness gear, fitness consultations, clothes, and so on.

However, SweatCoin is not considered a cryptocurrency like Dogecoin because it does not use blockchain technology; it uses a centralized database. Another thing is that it cannot be used to buy Dogecoin or trade into cryptocurrency exchanges the way Dogecoin would. While all these may appear to be the challenges of SweatCoin, enthusiasts look beyond them to keep their eyes on the rewards.

5. Wellcoin

It is easy to earn on Wellcoin as the fitness app practically rewards you for normal healthy habits. That is, sleeping at least 7 hours a night, working out, cleaning your house or drinking a healthy beverage gets you Wellcoins. You have to report and verify your healthy activities either by syncing your account with a fitness tracker or uploading photo evidence to get your reward.

Like Dogecoin, Wellcoins can be used in several online marketplaces such as Sports Authority, Whole Foods Market, and Skechers.

The cryptocurrency market has become so popular that more blockchain-based fitness apps are being developed to encourage and motivate healthy lifestyles. If you are already a hardcore fitness person, see this as a way to earn coins in the cryptocurrency market for doing what you love. If you need motivation, these fitness apps will provide that – and a little incentive to make you feel good! Working out online has never been as rewarding as all of these apps make it.

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