Monitoring Fitness

Speed Timing GatesYou do all the hard work, you are feeling fitter, stronger, but are you really? Has the program worked as expected, or is there a better way? By monitoring your fitness you can determine what sessions are best for you and see if all the hard work you have been putting into training have been worthwhile.

It is best to perform some sort of fitness test when you start any new training phase, so you can get an indication of your starting level. Subsequent test results can then be compared to this and any changes can be noted. By repeating tests at regular intervals, you can get an idea of the effectiveness of your training program

The time-frame between tests can depend on the availability of time or costs involved, or the phase of training the athlete is in. Depending of these factors, the period between tests may range from two weeks to six months. Note that it usually takes a minimum of 2-6 weeks to see a demonstrable change in any aspect of fitness.

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If you are new to exercise, consider getting a medical assessment before doing too much. Fill out a PARQ to see if you are ready. The best thing you could do is perform a warm-up before each fitness session, which should include some stretching. When training, following correct exercise technique can help reduce injuries and maximise fitness gains.

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