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Kite Boarding

Kite boarding is a group of sports which use a kite for power and a board for support, such as Kitesurfing, Kite Foil Racing, Kite Landboarding and Snowkiting. This extreme sport combines aspects of sailing, windsurfing, snowboarding, and paragliding.

The kite system used consists of a kite, flying lines, a control bar, and a kite harness. The kites used come in different types and shapes, depending on the specific kite boarding discipline.

kite foil boardingkite foil boarding

The athlete, standing on a board on the water, is harnessed to a hand-controlled and wind-powered kite. The board used depends on the surface on which the kiteboading is being done. There are several types of kiteboarding, encompassing traveling on water, snow or land:


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