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Beach Wrestling

Beach wrestling is a type of wrestling sport in which competitions are conducted on beach sand. It is a standing up position style of wrestling, where no moves happen while on the ground. The sport is practiced by both men and women in many countries around the world.

The field used is a 23ft circular region filled with beach sand. All bouts last for a single period of 3 minutes. Points are awarded for certain moves. If any part of a wrestler’s body, except the feet contacts the ground, it results in a takedown. Takedowns are awarded one point. One point is awarded to a player if the opponent is pushed out. Two points are awarded for a takedown where the back makes contact with the ground.

The wrestler with the most points at the end of the bout is the winner. In case of a tie at the end of 3 minutes, firstly the wrestler with a two point move, and secondly the player to score last is used to break the tie. If neither wrestler scores after 3 minutes, the bout continues till on player scores.

boys wrestling in sandboys wrestling in sand

The World Beach Wrestling Championship is the most important international competition conducted for the sport, which features matches for several weight classes for both men and women.

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