Russian Air Force Diet

The Russian Air Force Diet claims to help you lose up to 18 pounds in just 13 days. It’s another fad diet with restrictions and low in calories. This diet is similar to the 3-day diet but this one takes 7 days with a different menu. The Russian Air Force Diet was developed in the former Soviet Union in order to keep their soldiers fit and lean.

The important factors to remember during the diet are:

Sample Diet Plan Day 1

Sample Diet Plan Day 2

Russian Army SoldiersRussian Army Soldiers

During the diet, you can also consume these (as seen on the daily diet meal plan)


Like many similar restrictive diets, after the period of shedding pounds in 7 days, you will likely go back to your normal eating habit, the pounds you lost will come back and you may gain even more.

If you work with heavy loads or you use your brain for most of the day, the Russian Air Force Diet is not for you. This diet is low in calories; therefore, you should not work out and exercise. The meals in the diet will not give you enough fuel for your muscles to rely on. Your body will convert proteins into carbohydrates in order for it to meet basic energy needs.  Also, you will feel hungry most of the day.

The recommendation for fluid intake is too low. It is said that instead of following the strict rules of four glasses of water daily, you should drink at least eight glasses, at a minimum.

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