The 3-Day Weight Loss Diet

The 3 Day Diet is another short-term fad diet that is very popular among everyone today. There are several who try this diet to lose weight rapidly but the result is not for a longer terms. After losing a huge amount of weight for 3 days, you will gain it all back when you resume your regular eating pattern.

The 3 Day Diet is mostly consuming low calorie foods. You must only consume at least 800-1000 calories per day. You won’t be feeling any energetic during this diet.

During the 3 Day Diet, these are allowed;

Because you limit yourself by eating a few calories per day, exercising shouldn’t be extreme and intense.
There are no proofs that this diet can prevent cardiovascular illness, diabetes and other types of diseases.
Doing this diet is tremendously unsafe. Supervision from medical staff is required. The vitamins and minerals you will gain not even enough when being on this diet.

If you continue this diet for more than 3 days, chances are you will have a weakened immune system, heart problems, long-term weight gain and nutrient insufficiency.

But it really depends if The 3 Day Diet works for you. Some will lose weight, but there are other factors like activity level, metabolism and many more.

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