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Pull-Up Test Norms

The pull-up test is a common measure of upper body strength. The norm table below gives you a general guide for expected scores. These pull-up test norms are only guidelines, to help you to classify pull-up test results.

There test score may be affected by the way that the bar can be held, either an overhand grip (palms facing away from the body) or underhand grip (palms facing towards the body) - see more about grip types. In addition, the pull-up score can depend on how closely the assessors enforce the procedures.

A Simple Pull-Up Norm Table

As there are several ways to do the test, your grip and body weight having an effect too, I have created my own pull-up norm table, not based on any science, just my experience, that can be used as a general guide.

men women
elite 21+ 15+
excellent 14 - 20 10 - 14
good 8 - 13 5 - 9
average 5 - 7 2 - 4
fair 2 - 4 1
poor 1 0
very poor 0 0

table source: the ranges of the table are based on personal experience

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