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Calibration in Fitness Testing

While fitness testing, great care needs to be taken so that the proper measurement procedures are followed to minimize measurement error, however the accuracy of the measurement tool itself is often forgotten about.

Equipment may need to be calibrated regularly to ensure consistent (reliable) and accurate results. Sometimes calibrating a piece of equipment is as simple as comparing its measurements to a standard "known" measure, like a steel ruler or a set of standard weights, while other equipment may need complex devices and procedures in order to be calibrated, may need to be sent back to the manufacturer, or (commonly these days) some equipment may not be able to be calibrated at all.

If the calibration is not correct, you may be able to adjust the equipment (recalibrate), or make adjustments to the measures to make them more accurate.

Information About Calibrating Equipment

Here are some details about calibrating specific fitness testing equipment.

fitness testing equipment require regular calibrationall fitness testing equipment require regular calibration

Other Equipment Requiring Regular Calibration

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