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Juggling Triathlon

Most people around the world know what juggling is, and most people know what a triathlon is. But even the most enthusiastic of sports fans would not have heard about the obscure sport of juggling triathlon. Simply put, the sport is a combination of juggling and triathlon. To complete the event you need to swuggle (swim while juggling), unijuggle (ride a unicycle while juggling), and joggle (juggle while running).

Similar to regular triathlon, juggling triathlon race consists of three legs, swimming, cycling, and running. But the twist is, athletes have to continuously juggle a set of balls on all three legs of the race.

The race starts with the swimming leg. Athletes swim using the backstroke, with both hands raised above water and juggling the set of balls. The next is the cycling leg in which athletes use one hand to control the bike and the other hand to juggle the balls. In some triathlons, a unicycle is used for the cycling leg instead of a regular bike, where athletes can use both hands to juggle the balls. The final leg is the running leg, where the set of balls can be juggled with both the hands while running.

If the athletes at any point drop the balls, they have to pick it up and start juggling to continue on with the race.

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