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If you can juggle, then Jolleyball is a sport for you. It is a combination of volleyball and juggling with a primary emphasis on juggling. It is only played at a recreational level, and needless to say that not many people can juggle and hence not many people play the sport.

A game is played on a court similar in size to that of a badminton court between two teams with two or three players per team. Each player is handed two balls. Each play starts with a serve. Before the serve all players have to be juggling the two balls in their possession.

The player who receives the serve should catch the ball that is served and used it to perform a 3-ball juggling, before passing one of the balls to a teammate or throwing it back to the opponent.

It is not necessary to throw the ball that was served, any of the three balls can be passed or thrown back. Like volleyball, each team gets a maximum of three passes before throwing the ball back onto the opponent’s side.

Scoring works the same way as that of volleyball, with the only addition that teams are awarded points if the opponents are unable to catch and juggle the third ball.

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