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JumpRopeSprint racing is a sport that is still in the early stages of development which is already at a ready-for-action level.  It is a sport only discovered in 2010 and involves sprinting while jumping rope once per stride.
Like most sport enthusiasts who invent a new sport, the three men who came up with JumpRopeSprint, Patent Lawyer Mark Krull together with his two partners, Stephen Ihli and Eric Small, they want the sport to be added to the Olympic Games, particularly after the 2016 Summer Olympics which will be held in Brazil.

They even made a movie (a faux-documentary) about the JumpRopeSprint. It is about a man who invented the sport and had set his sights on the Olympic gold. Other Olympians have become advocates of the sport but some had doubts about running at top speed while jumping rope.

Ihli and Krull, executive producers of the movie, also invented new jump ropes that are purposely made for the JRS competition and team training.

There are 10 categories based on age – Men’s Elite and Women’s Elite (top 8 males and 8 females), Men’s and Women’s 18-33, Men’s and Women’s 34-49, Men’s and Women’s 50+ and Boys’ and Girls’ 14-17.

There are routines like the One-Foot Bounce (requires one foot to keep off the ground while using the other foot to continually jump the rope), Alternate Step (where your feet take turns when jumping the rope. Jump off your left food while landing on your right and vice versa), Combine Two-Foot Bounce and Alternating Steps (where you bounce quadruple times on both feet then bouncing another four times on alternating feet), Double One-Foot Bounce (where you do the Alternate Step but you jump twice on one leg before switching to the other leg) and Alternating One-Foot Bounce (similar to Double One-Foot Bounce but with a series of one-legged jumps for example, jumping twice on the right foot, then once on the left, the once on the right, then twice on the left and repeating it again).

It is said that by practicing this sport will help advance one’s running techniques, improved speed, coordination, concentration, upper body strength, stamina, agility and psychological composure.

Doing JumpRopeSprint can lead to a higher level of coordination because sprinting while jumping on the rope requires a person to focus on timing instead of every whirl of the rope. Athletes will then learn to get into sync and continue to stay in a zone.

Many doctors recommend that jump roping while running because it helps in keeping your knees strong because you don’t heel-strike while doing it.

The rules include – a competitor’s finish time will be determined when the athlete crosses the finish line with their chest – shoes must comply with both national and local track and field standards – jump ropes must be unmodified products.

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