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Triathlon Fitness Testing

The main physical attribute for triathlon competitors is an exceptional cardiovascular endurance capacity. Body size and composition will also play an important role in the success of a triathlete. It is also important to consider testing in the specific disciplines - a running swimming and cycling test. See out discussion of the Fitness Components for Triathlon.

Listed below are some suggested tests, there are many other tests that you could use. See also an example of tests that are used for the recruiting triathletes for the eTID program.

Tests for Triathlon

Example results for a Triathlete

Below is an example of a series of tests performed on Australian Olympic Triathlete Erin Densham, conducted in 2009 (as detailed in the Herald Sun Newspaper). A summary of her results are in the table.

She has a very good aerobic score on the VO2max test, as expected for a triathlete. Her skinfold level is also very low for a female, a sign that she is not carrying any excess body fat which would slow her down over the long distances she has to compete.

Fitness Test Result
body mass (kg) 51.4
height (cm) 164.2
Skinfolds, sum of 7 sites (mm) 35.2
Grip Strength (kg) 27
1RM Bench Press (kg) 50
Vertical Jump (cm) 35
Sit and Reach (cm) +18
VO2max (ml/kg/min) 67

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