Chhat Pa

The new fast paced sport of Chhat Pa was created by Pranay Nandan and Abhinay from Arrah India in 2014. Chhat Pa is a team sport of 10 players requiring a lot of stamina and skills. Chhat pa is a bhojpuri word which means on the roof, as it was created playing it on the roof. It is played on a small field of 6m x 6m. It is inspired by hockey. The court of this games have a mid line and two goal post three feet high and the side lines are one feet high. By using them a player can rebound the ball.


In this game one player from each side can play at a time. The team who won the toss will choose the side and take the first strike. After striking the ball, if it goals then the team will get one point and opposite player will get out. And if the opposite player defends the strike and convert it into a goal by counter attacking his team will get one point and the striker will out.

Then the strike will be given to opposite team. If a team get all out in that case three points will be given to the opposite team. A team can get all out infinite times. The games consists of two halves of 15 mins. After the end of first half the team who leads will get the strike in another half.

There is also a rule for strike that if the strike is defended and then the striker goals it in that case he earns a point for his team but the opposite player will not get out. After the end of two halves the team who is leading will win. If the ball go out side then the opposite team get one penalty strike.

equipment required

A 45 to 50 cm long stick and a cloth ball

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