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Chauss Boxing

The new sport of Chauss Boxing was created by Milan Vanik from the United Kingdom in January 2016. Chauss Boxing is a combat sport based inspired mainly by three full-contact combat sports - boxing, kickboxing and french boxing (known as boxe francaise or savate). Chauss is a French word and means shoe, because shoes are allowed in this type of "boxing", that's why chauss boxing (not to be confused with the sport Chess Boxing).

It's actually new set of rules with focus on strength, flexibility, quickness, physical and mental toughness, tactics, strategy, aggressiveness and grace. Under this rules can compete against each other boxers, kickboxers and savate fighters or athletes can be specifically be prepared for this type of rule set. 

Sport Description

Offensive techniques: 

Defensive techniques:  

Illegal techniques: 

Equipment Required:

Chauss boxing uniform: 
- sports tights 
- special shoes with toughened toes and heel and flat sole 
- sports bra (women) 

Protection gear: 
- boxing gloves 
- hand wraps 
- mouth guard 
- groin protection 
- shin guards (novices only) 
- breast protection (women's only)

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