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Airstrip Tire

Airstrip Tire is a new sport created by Carles Jack L. Jopillo from the Philippines in 2018. Airstrip Tire is a sport in which a player throws or rolls RC tires on a strip, runway or terrain for the greatest distance. Unlike his similar sport Tires and Cans, Airstrip Tire is a sport of records. Players must use special RC Tires but with Metal stuffed inside (a metal bearing should do), then throw the tire at a runway strip like unused Hangar airstrips, the farthest tire would be the winner.

Equipment Required: Metal stuffed RC tire (a metal bearing should do), unused long airstrip or runway-you can build runways in grass fields, mud pools or desserted areas just add some markings, electrical tape or black paint for marking an X-mark for the player to start, meassuring tools (optional)

Sport Description

Players must throw a RC tire with metal stuffed inside to the end of the airstrip or runway then the farthest tire wins. Throwing the tire is called Strip run, when a tire stops, it's called a landing.

it's okay if a tire goes out from the strip.

Players should throw tires like a bowling player but should not point their tires straightly up or they might cause an accident.

You can design your runway with gaps, fire ramps, monsters, river crosses, muddy and more! - get creative!

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