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Droid Suit Demolition

Droid Suit Demolition is a new sport created by Carles Jack L. Jopillo from the Philippines in January 2018. It may sound silly, but players must design special "robot" themed suits to fight another player at a junkyard themed boxing ring.

Equipment Required: aluminum droid suit but has armor or safety features for demolition, 
A junkyard or scrap yard themed fighting place so players can throw or smash stuff to each other. 
A referee that also wears a Droid themed suits for safety.

Sport Description

Sounds silly, but players must design special "robot" themed suits to fight the other player at a junkyard themed boxing ring. Players must use safety but effective droid suits, with safety  foam gears inside their suit to protect them but aluminum skin outside for fighting, players must not use dangerous torns or metal blades for safety but can use junkyard stuff to throw each other for demolition if a player's suit is destroyed apart, he loses or if a player presses the signal for "stop" or for safety. Suits must be checked if someone uses dangerous blades before matching for safety. Crowds and people must wear eye protectors for safety and must stand far from demolition.

Players must build and wear a "Robot" or "Droid" themed suits for fighting, they should fight at a junkyard and throw stuff for destroying each other's suits, they must punch or kick or smash or hit each other but not wrestle for pain players should have safety buzzers to stop the match but losses, the game is not about being king but just for fun, loser is called smashed droid and the winner is called junkyard droid. 

But before the fight, players can show-off their suits to judges and have fun with other players. uUnlike boxing belts, they will use a junkyard themed prize to pass over, these can be: a broken metal fan,a rusty microwave or a smashed TV, but these "belts" must be famous to be declared, they sound stupid, but these are designed for players to have no jealousy of each other but has a sign of a winner. When a player fights it's called demolition, the game use junkyard terms or scrap yard terms.

Remember, players must be friendly to each other because they're there just for fun. When someone is hurt he must press the buzzer or show to stop the fight for safety. Be carefull. Have fun and enjoy!

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