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TC Racing

TC Racing is a new sport created by Carles Jack L. Jopillo from the Philippines in January 2019. Unlike RC Racing, TC Racing (Tow-Controlled) is a sport which a player (towwer) race model cars or model trucks by tying a rope or string and towing them, yes towwers must run with their vehicles on specially designed TC tracks, towwers will don't need batteries for their vehicles but can race on mudpools in just a piece of cake! they must not crash or they will be out of the race. You can create your TC Vehicle tracks with ramps, mudpools, rocky terrain, wrecks and more!

Equipment Required: TC Vehicle (Tow-Controlled model trucks or cars) and a TC racetrack.

Sport Description

In TC Racing, players are called towwers and must race TC Vehicles, (TC Vehicles are Tow-Controlled specially modified model trucks or cars which run with no use of batteries but must be powered using a rope or a string to tow it).

Towwers must start at the starting area, the starting area must be created using two tires forming a line as a starting line then adding a "Start here" sign, then a person must use an airhorn as a signal, to start a race, to stop a person cheating, and indicating a crash.

While racing, players must not crash and must avoid their TC Vehicle's ropes from being tangled, a towwer must not continue to tow when his vehicle is upside down or sided down. If a towwer crashes his vehicle, he will be out from the race but if even his vehicle crash but not being upside down or sided down but standing, he will wait 10 seconds before he will continue to race, it's called "Engine Failure" the name mimics a truck starting it's engine after a crash.

The first towwer who reach the finish area wins. The finish area must be designed like the starting area but has the opposite name of the sign. TC tracks can be designed with ramps, mudpools, gaps, holes, bumps, barriers, monsters and more!

Towwers can use broken RC vehicles with no batteries and adding a string to it to convert it into TC powered.

For more fun, players can wear helmets and racing-themed costumes but also for safety incase when stepping a string.

Try playing the sport using demolition derby version (death race) by smashing other vehicles. Wear protective clothing and have fun and enjoy!

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