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Cans and Tires

Cans and Tires is a new sport created by Carles Jack L. Jopillo from the Philippines in 2018. Cans and Tires is a sport which a player throws or rolls RC tires on a strip, runway or terrain and smashes it into tall soda cans and picks standing tires and re-use them to smash the remaining cans, the player who reach the longest strip turn wins or how much cans a player had brought down.  You can play alone or compete with other players.

Equipment Required: Tall cans specially coca cola, RC tires, RC plane strip or runway or terrain runway, gloves (for safety) and a small whiteboard.

Sport Description

A player must stand on an X-mark spot and he must have a tire to trow on a strip,it's okay to use any tire or how many it is,cans must be placed at the end of the strip. The player will throw a tire to smash the cans, if the player runs out of tires to trow, he must pick the standing tires and leave downed tires then continues to go to he's mark then throws (throwing the tire is called strip run) if all cans are down,the player will pick all tires he throws and use them for  the next strip turn and a guy (Plane crash seeker) must stand all the cans where they ended up from collision by facing the down rim of the can to the ground and writes the number of strip turns. After that, the player will enter strip 2.

When competing, the guy that reaches the longest strip wins or how much cans he downed. Unlike basketball dunk show offs, in cans and Tires, show offs is when a player uses a tire to dance with it or play catch himself or just play with it, its called "Air show"- it's similar to playing fidget spinner stunts or yoyo lifts. dead tires are called "planecrash" while standing ones are "tire stand".

You can throw 4 tires at the same time, it's called squadron. When on an RC plane strip, the game is termed WW2 terms, you can't call Cans and Tires WW2 plane terms when your not playing on an RC plane strip, or you can just default the original terms. You can play the game wherever you want, at a muddy off road strip, a gapped strip, a miniature river crossing, downhill, beach, rocky strip, in your office, and more! but when your off road, or off strip, use gloves and metal rubber coated tires or you can just stuff a metal bearing to your tire so it will have power when throwing, just be careful because metal stuffed tires could be dangerous! You can design strips with fire ramps, gaps and holes, monsters, slides and much more! - get creative!

Caution: Be careful when using metal tires or metal bearing stuffed tires and when off road, always take an eye of your tire so it will not get loss, wear gloves when off road, and play at a safe area have fun! It's like beer pong!

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