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Target Sprint - sprinting and rifle shooting

Target Sprint is a relatively new sport which combines sprint running and air rifle shooting.

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Target sprint is a race, with the competitors running 3 x 400 meters with two 10m rifle shooting sessions in between. After the first 400m sprint, participants shoot at a series of 5 knock down targets with an air rifle, run another 400m, shoot at the targets again, then end with a final 400m run. Shooting accuracy is crucial, as missed shots result in time penalties.

For the shooting component, the athletes fire at five falling targets from the standing position. Athletes must continue firing until all targets are hit, up to a maximum of 15 attempts. If after 15 shots some of the targets are not hit, the athlete must remain in the penalty box for 15 seconds for each missed target.

There are other variations possible, such as shortening of the run course or the inclusion of relays.

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