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Biathlon Orienteering

Biathlon Orienteering (also known as orienteering shooting) is a combination of the navigation sport of orienteering with rifle shooting. This unique combination tests both physical endurance and navigational skills.

map and compassmap and compass

Biathlon Orienteering is another variation of the traditional Winter Olympic sport of biathlon, which combines cross-country skiing and rifle shooting. The sport, invented in Sweden, is mainly practiced in the Nordic countries, as well as a few other European countries.

Biathlon orienteering is a sport with the same structure to traditional biathlon, a endurance event combined with shooting. The endurance component is orienteering, a sport where participants use a map and compass to navigate through unfamiliar terrain and find specific control points. The shooting component is usually conducted using small-bore biathlon rifles to shoot at conventional biathlon targets at a distance of 50 meters .

The orienteering format can either be freestyle (classic) style and/or point orienteering.

The sport is organized internationally by the International Biathlon Orienteering Federation (IBOF), and the World Biathlon Orienteering Championship (WBOC) is held annually.

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