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Fell Running

Fell running is a popular adventure sport, which is also known as hill running and mountain running. It is a sport in which running and racing is done off-road or on any over upland country where the inclined slope is an important component of difficulty of this sport.

This sport is specially played by those who have extraordinary skills in mountain navigation and have the power and ability to carry appropriate survival equipment as suggested by the sport organizer. In the United States, this popular adventure sport is called trail running.

This sport is divided in many categories like for instance category A, B and C. In category A, the distance to be covered by the person should average 50 meters climb per kilometer and should be a minimum distance of 1.5 kilometers. In category B, the average distance should be 25 meters climb per kilometer while in category C the average distance is 20 meters climb per kilometer.

Fell runners usually uses light and non-waterproof material to release water and dislodge peat after traversing boggy ground. Ripple soles, spikes and flat soled pumps are being used by the fell runners since the 50s.


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