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World's Tallest Cricketers

Successful cricketers come in all shapes and sizes, though certain physical attributes can play a part in their performance. A taller stature is cricket is helpful especially for bowlers and fielders, as there are advantages in generating bounce, pace, and fielding capabilities.

some of the tallest cricketerssome of the tallest cricketers to ever play the game

Most Tall Players are Bowlers

The tallest ever to play international cricket is Pakistani pacer Mohammed Irfan at 7'1" (216 cm), with bowling greats Joel Garner 6'8" (203 cm) and Stuart Broad 6'4" also among the tallest. South African Marco Jansen is currently the tallest active player.

The advantage of tall players is that they can generate extra bounce and pace. With a higher release point, tall bowlers can create awkward angles and make it challenging for batsmen to predict the ball's trajectory, leading to increased effectiveness, particularly for fast bowlers.

What About Tall Batsmen?

Successful batters are found at all heights, with some of the greats being short in stature. For example, Sachin Tendulkar stands at 5'5'', while Sunil Gavaskar is 5'2" and Don Bradman was just 5'8". Short stature batsmen have a lower center of gravity, which can contribute to better balance and agility at the crease.

There are still some batsmen and all-rounders on the tall player list. A taller stature might provide a batsman with a longer reach, longer levers for generating bat speed, and potentially enabling them to handle deliveries that shorter players might find challenging. The tallest batsman in this list is West Indian Jason Holder at 6’7” (201cm), just surpassing Australian Tom Moody at 6’6¾” (200cm).

List of the Tallest International Cricket Players Ever

Rank Ht (cm) Ht (feet/inch) Player Team Years
1 216 7’1” Mohammed Irfan Pakistan 2010–2019
2 209 6’10” Marco Jansen South Africa 2021+
3 204 6’8.5” Boyd Rankin England/Ireland 2007-2020
4 203 6’8” Kyle Jamieson New Zealand 2020+
  203 6’8” Blessing Muzarabani Zimbabwe 2017+
  203 6’8”  Cameron Cuffy  West Indies 1994-2002
  203 6’8” Bruce Reid Australia 1985–1992
  203 6’8” Joel Garner West Indies 1977-1987
  203 6’8” Peter George Australia 2010
10 201 6’7” Jason Holder West Indies 2013+
  201 6’7” Steven Finn England 2010–2017
  201 6’7” Sulieman Benn West Indies 2008–2016
  201 6’7” Chris Tremlett England 2005–2013
  201 6’7” Curtly Ambrose West Indies 1988–2000
15 200 6’6¾” David Larter England 1962-1965
  200 6’6¾” Tom Moody * Australia 1989-1999
17 198 6’6” Cameron Green Australia 2020+
  198 6’6” Peter Fulton New Zealand 2004–2014
  198 6’6” Jacob Oram New Zealand 2001–2012
  198 6’6” Courtney Walsh West Indies 1984–2001
  198 6’6” Tony Greig England 1972-1977
  198 6’6” George Bonner Australia 1880-1888

Data Source: the height data for most players was taken from the player's profile on Wikipedia (Oct 2022), with additional information found elsewhere.

* Tom Moody is listed as 198cm tall on WIkipedia, though in an interviwe on ABC radio in 2023 he stated he was actually 200cm, so that value has been used.

Author: Written by Rob Wood, with extra research and image design by Casper Wood

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