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Height Growth Charts

Here are some height growth charts for boys and girls aged 2-18 years. Use a standard procedure to measure height no more than once a month. Mark the chart at the point where the measurement value intersects with the age of the child. Join a line between consecutive dot points to get an impression of the changes over time. There are also baby length/height charts for children below two years. See more information about how to use and interpret growth charts.

The charts below have the grids scaled to metric units (cm). If you need, you can use this calculator to convert cm and meters to feet and inches, and vice versa.

Table of boys height-for-age percentiles (2-18 years)

height growth chart for boys

Table of girls height-for-age percentiles (2-18 years)

height growth chart for girls

SOURCE: These tables are created using data provided by the World Health Organisation Child Growth Standards

What are percentiles? Percentiles are measurements that show where your growth is compared with others. If your measurement is in the 50th percentile, it means that 50% of people of the same age are taller and the other 50% are shorter.

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