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England Travel Food Guide for Athletes

This is a guide for athletes traveling to England, what to expect and how to be prepared.

For athletes traveling around the world, there are challenges not only finding food that you like, but finding healthy food that can meet your requirements as an athlete. For someone traveling to a new country and culture, this may seem overwhelming. Those from anywhere but England may find it hard to find the foods they are familiar with from home. Sometimes it is just knowing where to look. This article is to help guide someone who is planning to travel to England in their chosen sport.

General English Food Guide

Eating Establishments

There is a broad range of eating places from fancy restaurants to basic corner cafes and fast-food restaurants, with everything in between.


Self-catering is relatively easy to do in England. There are lots of mini-marts and supermarkets which stock a large range of foods. It is usually cheaper to self-cater, and for planning purposes it can be better for you as you will know what you are getting. For athletes with food allergies or intolerances this is always the best option. Most accommodation will not have facilities to enable you to cook your own meals.

England Food Guide For Athletes

Initially the foods on offer may not be appealing to you. They are often heavy hot meals: high in fat, high in protein, low in carbohydrate. Don’t be daunted as a lot of foods you should recognise. The food you come across will be similar to USA, Canadian and Australian cuisines.

The following are some characteristics of English meals:

Breakfast: 7-9am

Lunch: 12 - 2pm

Dinner: 6 - 8pm

fish and chips is a common takeaway food in England fish and chips is a common takeaway food in England

Takeaway (takeout) foods are very popular!

These foods will make up a greater part of the diet than usual. Takeaway is quick and easy and best for after a late game or if you have limited cooking facilities. Restaurants are a more social occasion. Keep in mind your carbohydrate and nutrition goals.

Common Meals

Things you may need to bring from home?

Gels, supplements, a drink bottle, medications

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