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Chicken & Sun-Dried Tomato Pesto Pasta

This high carbohydrate dish is great for endurance athletes. You could also add a side salad dish to reduce the meal's carbohydrate load if you don't need so much. A very tasty pasta dish, and a change from the traditional pesto style.


pesto goes so well with pastaa simple pesto goes so well with pasta



This recipe has been adapted from the Survival from the Fittest Cookbook. This cookbook was developed by the team of sports dietitians at the Australian Institute of Sport. The recipes in the book are chosen and adapted to contain maximum energy value, with appropriate carbohydrate, protein and fat content for athletes, as well as anyone who is interested in maintaining a healthy diet in a busy lifestyle.

Cooking Classes

A cooking class is a great way to give athletes more confidence in the kitchen, teach some cooking skills and educate them a little along the way. See our guide to conducting a cooking class, with example menus which includes this recipe.

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