What to Eat for your Pre-Game Meal

by Clare Wood

Fueling up carbohydrate stores is a key part of competition preparation. You should already know the best sources of high carbohydrate foods (breads, cereals, pasta, rice, potato, and fruit), since these are the basis of a winning diet. The pre-event meal provides a final opportunity to top up fuel and fluid levels. Your last meal should leave you feeling comfortable, not full and not hungry. For details about preparing your last meal, see pre-exercise meal planning.

Food Choices

A high-carbohydrate, low-fat meal or snack is the perfect choice for before your event or game. If you consume a bigger meal, have it 3-4 hours before you compete, and a light snack can be 1-2 hours before your warm-up. If you are nervous before you compete, try a liquid meal instead of something solid. Find your own routine that you are happy with, this will take time and practice.

Examples of good pre-event meals


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