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The All-Star Athletes Cook Book

The All-Star Athletes Cook Book is possibly the first cookbook written specifically for athletes, and if not it would probably be the first that is written by athletes. The book contains recipes presented by most of the famous, and many not so famous, athletes of the 1960s from all sports - baseball to car racing, football to golf, and everything in between.

all star cookbook

The athletes featured in the book are from the US in the 1960s so may not be familiar to everyone, and the recipes undoubtedly would not be considered ideal nutrition for the modern athlete.

If you can get a hold of one of these it would be worthwhile out of curiosity and of historical value rather than the value of the recipes that are included.

Book Details

The All-Star Athletes Cook Book is by Oscar Fraley and David Huntley, cartoons by Willard Mullin. Publisher: New York Centaur House Hawthorn, First Edition 1965. Buy The All-Star Athletes Cook Book.

Selected Recipes from the book

Other recipes include 'Braised stuffed pheasant', pickled oysters, grilled bourbon spareribs, and anchovy barbecue sauce.

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