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Packing Healthy Snacks

Traveling to a new country and culture can be very overwhelming, particularly when it comes to food. There are challenges not only finding food that you like, but finding food that is good for you.

When you travel, you may not have your usual foods from home easily available. Unfortunately, what you can find that is familiar are the fast-food chains. If you're hungry while exploring a new city, it is hard to avoid dropping into the nearest McDonald's for a snack.

One of the best ways to avoid relying on the poor food options around you is to carry some snacks that you have brought from home. Not only are they usually small and easy to carry, but they are also usually sealed in packaging that makes it easy to throw in your bag for later when needed.

nut cake - a healthy travel snacknut cake - a healthy travel snack

Some healthy snack ideas that travel well

Tips for Snacks for Trips

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