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Coke Is It - But Is It Healthy?

What is in Coke?

Coca-cola was originally promoted as a drink "offering the virtues of coca without the vices of alcohol." Until 1903, a typical serving contained 60mg of cocaine. There is no cocaine in the current version of the drink, though another addictive substance, caffeine, is present. And of course there is Coca-Cola's secret ingredient Merchandise 7X.

Do you drink too much?

As with all foods it is important to consume them in moderation. The problem with the sweet and fizzy drinks such as Coke is that kids and adults are drinking too much of them. The amount of sugars in a can of Coke is reportedly about 6-7 teaspoons per can, and that amount of calories would be equivalent to eating a sandwich, therefore sometimes doubling the energy content of a meal compared to having a drink of water instead. Recent evidence is also overwhelmingly showing that over consumption of high sugar drinks such as Coke can lead to obesity and other health problems such as diabetes.

pasta dish with pestococa-cola cans

Coca Cola - is it all bad?

Coke is a very large company and many people would be surprised at the amount of other food and drinks that the company also produce. In addition to their hugely popular soda / soft drink, they also produce sports drinks that are well developed to provide the fluid, sugars and electrolytes that athletes require.

The Coca Cola Company is also introducing a green tea drink containing calcium and caffeine that reportedly burns calories. The drink is called 'Enviga' and the company reports that it has naturally active plant micronutrients that allegedly increase the body's rate of calorie burning in healthy people with a lean to normal body type.

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