Vertical Jump Workouts

We do not sell these products directly from this website, we just provide links to sites where you can buy them. Check each one out if you are interested and make up your own mind. If you apply yourself to any of these programs you will no doubt see improvements in your vertical leap.

Vertical Jump ManualVert Shock - This is a really awesome new vertical jump program that's just been released called Vert Shock. It was created by 2 guys, pro baller Adam Folker and the world's highest dunker Justin Darlington. You can check it out here. The dunk video on that page is insane!

Vertical Jump ManualThe Jump Manual - Improve your vertical jump with the Jump Manual, a digital download that includes explanations, videos, and workout chart. You will also receive unlimited one-on-one email coaching and access to the Elite Jumpers Forum.


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