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Reaction Time Training

Reaction time is important for some sports. Here are some equipment and programs to improve your reaction speed. See also about testing reaction time, which can be useful to work on your reaction speed and to monitor reaction time improvements.

We do not sell these product directly from this website, we just provide information about them and if known some links to sites where you can buy it.

reaction ballReaction Balls

A reaction ball is perfect for training hand-eye coordination and reaction time for many sports. Some are small and can be used by bouncing the ball between two people or rebounding it against a wall, while others are larger for kicking and throwing designed for soccer training. Reaction balls will bounce in an unpredictable manner due to the uneven design which causes the ball to leap and pop randomly, improving concentration, reaction time and coordination.

Some reaction balls can be bought on Amazon, such as the SKLZ Reaction Ball and Kwik Goal Soccer Agility Ball.

developing Reaction Time TrainingDeveloping Reaction & Explosive Movement (Video)

This innovative series of exercises has been designed by Martin Bidzinski to develop soccer players' thinking speed and physical reaction, quick feet, explosiveness off the mark, reaction time, turning ability and explosiveness when turning.

This video is available as a video download on demand from Amazon (you need to be in the US)

hubbard reaction timerAmerican Educational (Hubbard Scientific 6027) Reaction Timer

This battery operated digital reaction timer by Hubbard Scientific measures reaction time in hundredths of a second. The response switch can be used to measure reactions to light, sound and touch stimuli.

tree launch trainerHandheld Practice Tree Reaction Timer

The drag racing practice tree from Perfect launch is a portable electronic device that allows you to practice your reaction time so you don't get caught snoozing at the line on race day.

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