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Power Balance Bands

Power Balance produce a range of products that include a hologram that has been claimed to increase an athlete's core strength by as much as 500 per cent. These products are becoming popular in the world of sport. As they can set you back up to $60 a bracelet, it is something that is worth investigating.


The makers of the Power Balance products claim that it restores and optimizes the electro-magnetic balance within the human body. The Holographic Disk that is contained in the wristband has been embedded with an electrical frequency. When the Hologram comes in contact with your body’s energy field, it begins to resonate in accordance with each individual’s biological field, optimizing your energy field and maintaining maximum energy flow.

Does it work?

There are three tests that sales people may perform to 'demonstrate' the power of the power bands - a strength, balance and flexibility test. It all sounds interesting but does not seem to fit with current scientific knowledge. There has been no peer reviewed research published on this product, and not worth spending more than a couple of dollars for a trendy (but ineffective) bracelet. Many countries have banned the sale of these products or limited the claims they can make.


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