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Fitness Generator (no longer active?)

Fitness Generator was an online software program that had everything you ever needed to train clients on the internet. With this software you were able to easily train clients on the internet, using this all-in-one turnkey program created just for you, the busy sports/fitness professionals looking for an edge.

By training clients online, you'll be able to earn more money with less effort. You can create sport-specific programs and workouts with hundreds of incredible speed, agility and plyometric drills to choose from. It's a perfect fit for sports trainers, strength coaches and sports training facilities!

In this easy to use package, you can create workouts in less than 5 seconds! Here is a screen shot to give you an idea of what it looks like. You can create an unlimited number of workout programs with over 1500 exclusive cutting-edge animated images of exercises with descriptions.

Screen ShotFeatures

Exclusive Animated Exercise Library

You'll have unlimited access to over 1500 exclusive cutting-edge animated exercises. No more long video downloads and no confusing software to install. Your clients can see the exercises in motion the way they're supposed to be performed! Use these images to create an unlimited number of workouts. You can create as many workouts as you'd like - and once it is created it's automatically saved so you can use it over again for new clients.

Bicep Curls Animationanimated medicine ball workoutdead lift animationladder exercise animation

Online Training

You also get your own free professionally designed webpage with multiple pages to add all of your content. Clients can login to your own secure private training site with usernames and passwords. It's completely automated and so simple. There's no programming needed and it only takes 10 seconds to create. You can also use the software to track your client's progress. Your clients can login and update their workout as they're completed. You can track their workouts and make changes to assure maximum fitness results.

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Fitness is the key to success in sport. Following basic principles, you can develop fitness components such as strength, speed and endurance. See our colection of exercises and fitness equipment. Ensure you warm-up and stretch before any workout.

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