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Bosu Exercise Balls

The BOSU ball training system is hyped as the ultimate in core stabilization, balance and body awareness training, and claims to have revolutionized balance and core stability training.

What is it?

The BOSU ball is a half-circle inflatable exercise ball, attached to a rigid platform. It basically looks like a regular swiss exercise ball cut in half. Its shape provides multiple applications for sitting and standing. It can be used either ball side up or platform side up. The name BOSU is an acronym for 'Both Sides Utilized', referring to this ability. Most balls will come with a hand pump and instruction guide.

Using the Bosu Ball in a training program

When the dome side faces up, the BOSU ball provides an unstable surface while it remains stable on the ground. This reduces the falling risk, while still providing an unstable surface for a wide variety of exercises.

Bosu ball for fitnessBosu ball for balance training

With the dome side facing down, and the platform up, the Bosu ball is highly unstable and well suited for a wide array of exercises. Many people use the ball in this position to train shoulder stability with various push-up type movements.

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