World's Top Paid Athlete for 2004

Each year since 2004 Sports Illustrated Magazine's have published the Fortunate 50 (top paid US athletes) and since 2005 the International 20 (top paid 'other' athletes). It made sense to combine these two and create the World 10, and with some data from international athletes from 2004 we can still do it for this year.

We have combined the 2004 Fortunate 50 and the estimated 2004 International 20 lists to give you the top 10 paid athletes in the world in 2004 according to Sports Illustrated. Compare this list to the similar Forbes 2004 Top Paid Athletes List. Earning totals are based on salary, winnings, endorsements and appearance fees.

Name Country Sport earnings (US$ million)
1. Tiger Woods USA Golf $76,673,413
2. Michael Schumacher Germany Auto Racing ~$70,000,000
3. Shaquille O'Neal USA Basketball $40,517,858
4. LeBron James USA Basketball $39,018,920
5. Peyton Manning USA American Football $36,400,000
6. Kevin Garnett USA Basketball $36,000,000
7. Oscar De La Hoya USA Boxing $32,000,000
8. David Beckham England Soccer ~$30,000,000
9. Andre Agassi USA Tennis $27,030,929
10. Kobe Bryant USA Basketball $25,498,000

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