2013 SI Fortunate 50

Here are the top 10 of the Sports Illustrated Magazine's fortunate 50 list for the year 2013. This is the 10th year that the list has been published. As with all Fortunate 50 lists, it only includes athletes from the USA or those playing in a US-based league, sorted by total earnings (salary, winnings, endorsements and appearance fees).

Boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. is on the top of the list as he was last year. This time around the similar Forbes 2013 list is quite different, with Tiger Woods back on top and Mayweather did not even make the top 100. This is due to the different way that earnings are calculated. SI included Mayweather's projected money from bouts through September since fight deals are done on a yearly basis.

New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees is at number 3 thanks to a $37 million signing bonus from his new contract - he wasn’t even on last year’s list. The top 50 include 25 baseball players (up from 19 last year), 13 basketball players and eight football players, with no female athletes for the fifth consecutive year. See also the 2013 International 20 list of the top paid sports people from the rest of the world in 2013.

Rank Name Sport earnings (US$ mil) previous year
1 Floyd Mayweather Jr. Boxing $90.0 1
2 LeBron James Basketball $56.5 5
3 Drew Brees American Football $47.80 not ranked
4 Kobe Bryant Basketball $46.85 4
5 Tiger Woods Golf $40.8 3
6 Phil Mickelson Golf $39.5 2
7 Derrick Rose Basketball $33.4 19
8 Peyton Manning American Football $31.0 7
9 Alex Rodriguez Baseball $29.9 6
10 Zack Greinke Baseball $29.0 not ranked


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