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2011 SI Fortunate 50

Here are the top 10 of the Sports Illustrated Magazine's fortunate 50 list for the year 2011. This is the 8th year that the list has been published. As with all Fortunate 50 lists, it only includes athletes from the USA, sorted by total earnings (salary, winnings, endorsements and appearance fees).

As with last year, the world's top two golfers make up the first and second positions on the list. Tiger's run of being on top of every SI Fortunate 50 list since it was first published in 2004 seems to be ending unless he can turn around the decline since last year. Tiger's $62,294,116 earnings for the year is made up of winnings of $2,294,116 and 60 million dollars in endorsements. There were no females in this top 50 list. See also the 2011 International 20 for the top paid sports people from the rest of the world in 2011.

Rank Name Sport earnings (US$) previous year
1. Tiger Woods Golf $62,294,116 1
2. Phil Mickelson Golf $61,185,933 2
3. LeBron James Basketball $44,500,000 4
4. Peyton Manning American Football $38,070,000 9
5. Alex Rodriguez Baseball $36,000,000 5
6. Kobe Bryant Basketball $34,806,250 7
7. Kevin Garnett Basketball $32,832,044  
8. Matt Ryan American Football $32,700,000 NR
9. Tom Brady American Football $30,007,280 =28
10. Dwight Howard Basketball $28,647,180 12


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