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Palant, Kappela and Kulanie Kulotka are some of the traditional sports in Poland that haven’t been totally forgotten and replaced over time. Palant is quite similar to baseball. The player hits the ball with a bat, runs to the finish line and back to the nest while the other team distracts the running player by hitting him with a ball.

Speedway or Motorcycle speedway is today’s most prominent sport in Poland. Involving well-skilled drivers, they ride a motorbike with only one gear and no brakes inside an oval track with dirt and loosely packed shale for four counter-clockwise laps. The sport became famous because of the success of their athletes like Tomasz Gollob who won eight times in the Polish Individual Championship, 10 times in the Polish Pairs Championship, and eight times in Polish Grand Prix.

Since the country is very popular with their speed racing it wouldn’t be bad to hold an event with such relevance to the sport, only with more safety. Tour of Poland is a road bicycle racing first held in the year 1928. The race consists of seven to eight stages and usually 1,200 km in length. The first remarkable edition of the race was from September 7 to 11 of 1928. It was a 1,500 km race joined by 71 cyclists. In the Olympic Games, Poland has taken home 291 medals since they first participated in 1924 (as of 2014).

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