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Poland at the Olympics

Poland made its first appearance at the Summer Olympic Games in 1924 and has sent a delegation from then on save it for the 1984 edition of the games when it sided with the Soviet-spearheaded boycott. The nation has also taken part in all editions of the Winter Olympic Games.

Poland is among the most successful countries in the world as far as medal haul in both the Summer and Winter Olympics are concerned. The country so far amassed a hefty medal haul of 66 bronzes, 84 silvers and 131 bronzes in the Summer Olympics to rank 19th in the world. It collected six gold medals, 7 silvers and 7 bronzes in the Winter Olympics to rank 23rd in the world.

Athletics proves to be the number one source of gold medals for Poland. Of the nations who who have never been a host of the Olympics, Poland is the third most successful medal performer after Hungary and Romania.

The four most prolific athletes from Poland are distance walker Robert Korzeniowski (1996 to 2004, 4 gold), sprinter Irena Swewinska (1964 to 1976, 3 gold, 2 silver and 2 bronze), foil fencer Witold  Woyda (1964 to 1972, 2 gold, 1 silver and 1 bronze), and shooter Renata Mauer (1992 to 2004, 1 gold and 1 bronze).


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