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Hungary is a landlocked Central European country that excels in various types of sports but football has a special place in the heart of the Hungarians. They have also enjoyed great success in other sports like swimming, fencing, athletics (track and field), table tennis, weightlifting and rowing. Lately, golf and tennis have been gaining popularity.

Traditional Horse show in PusztaTraditional Horse show in Puszta

Hungary has a very rich football history that is rich with victories and medals. These includes three Olympic medals, multiple runners-up in the FIFA World Cup and UEFA European Football Championship.

The Hungarian 'golden team' from the 1950s included Ferenc Puskas, the best goalscorer of the 20th century. As a matter of fact, FIFA dedicated the latest award that they have created to him, the Puskas Award. The team also has the honor of having the longest winning streak in football history being unbeatable in 31 games within a span of 4 years that included what has come to be known as “The Match of the Century”, against England which forced them to redesign their training and gameplay. Hungary also hosted the 2010 UEFA Futsal Championship in Debrecen and Budapest.

Hungary has also enjoyed quite a success in the Olympic Games and becoming one of the top countries when it comes to Olympic medals. They have participated in most Olympic Summer Games since 1896, missing only the 1920 and 1984 Games, and all of the Winter Olympic Games. Their best Olympic event that they have is fencing with swimming a distant second.

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