The World Urban Games

The World Urban Games is a multi-sports competition organized by The Global Association of International Sports Federations (GAISF). The inaugural World Urban Games are happening in Budapest, Hungary in 2019. It is a five-day festival combining new-generation sports, music and culture, celebrating urban and youth culture.


These games were first planned to take place in 2016 following the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Rio, but due to various reasons it did not happen. In November 2018, it was announced that Los Angeles had been selected to host the inaugural World Urban Games in 2019 (beating the other contender Budapest), but in early 2019 the it was annouced that Budapest, Hungary would host the event following a row over which sports should be included on the program. As long as the first event goes well, it will also be the host city for the second edition in 2021.

Urban Sports

The sports program is aimed at the younger population, with many sports adapted to fit with the young, modern and urban culture of this new sporting competition. There will be no Olympic disciplines.

The Budapest World Urban Games 2019 program includes six competition sports and two showcase sports. The a competition sports are 3x3 basketball, BMX freestyle park, freestyle flying disc, breaking (break dancing), parkour and freestyle roller skate. Indoor rowing and laser run will feature as showcase (demonstration) sports.

Upcoming World Urban Games


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