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Canada has a wide range of popular sports from ice hockey to curling. Lacrosse is one of its most popular sports and traditionally has Native American roots. Other popular games include basketball, baseball, football and ice hockey or simply hockey is their official winter sports.

Hockey is the quintessential Canadian sport and they have done quite well in it internationally. Canada is a member of the IIHF (International Ice Hockey Federation) and their national team regularly competes in the IHHF annual competition and in the Olympics.

Canada has been present in all the Winter Olumpic Games and almost all of the Summer Games since they first participated in the 1900 except when they took part in the 1980 Moscow Games US-led boycott. Canada has also hosted the Olympic Games three times in Montreal (1976, Summer), Calgary (1988, Winter) and Vancouver (2010, Winter). So far the Canadian athletes with the most Olympic medals are Cindy Klassen and Clara Hughes both with 6 medals. Jayna Hefford, Hayley Wickenheiser and Caroline Ouellette however had taken home the most gold with 4 for each.

Olympic rings at WhistlerOlympic rings at Whistler, Canada

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